Standing Out – Excelsior MS3P – simple, scalable, smart

The Excelsior MS3P Difference

Excelsior MS3P is a certified MBE service provider that offers a unique co-sourcing strategy and a fresh approach to the management of contingent workforce suppliers and processes. Our SME’s will work in concert with you and your staffing goals to build something that’s designed distinctively for you and your business.

Our focus is on collaboration and customization that produces a simple, scalable, smart solution. Why pay for something that you don’t need or won’t use? You want a solution that grows with you and is easy to use. That’s what our “S to the Third Power” strategy  simple, scalable, smart  does for you.

Excelsior MS3P understands that access to quality talent is goal number one for an effective contingent workforce program. Every program we design, every process we implement, puts a premium on this goal. A staffing solution that drives the best people to you will differentiate your company in today’s competitive landscape.

No program is too small for us. If your company uses multiple suppliers across multiple geographies, you would likely benefit from a managed approach to your usage of contingent labor. Excelsior MS3P can provide the value of a managed solution even though many CWO providers will consider you “not big enough to fool with.”

Experts in Light Industrial and VMS

As a part of The Ōnin Group, one of the largest suppliers of light industrial staffing in the U.S., Excelsior MS3P knows  and even loves  light industrial staffing. Our keen understanding of this vertical gives us a distinctive insight into the way these programs need to be crafted and managed. And they do need unique, not boilerplate, solutions.

We are technology agnostic and able to work with your VMS of choice. If desired, however, our SME’s will guide you through the process of selecting the best VMS partner based on your unique business situation. Strategically configuring the correct platform is critical for optimal results.